Health & Safety is Our First Priority

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At Capel Crane Hire, our service delivery starts, and stops, with safety. There is no more important factor in our operations.

Central to our core values is the belief that all incidents can be avoided when we build a culture that revolves around safety and making sure that safety is integrated into every activity.

At Capel Crane Hire, a safe working environment means that our people are fit, ready to work and able to perform their tasks with a commitment to security, productivity and efficiency.

Our team are dedicated to workplace safety and the provision and maintenance of safe working environments for every single person, from our employees and subcontractors to suppliers and site visitors.

We demonstrate this by the implementation and management of policies and procedures to minimise and eliminate safety and environmental impacts.

We make our operation safe with the following processes:

  • Active monitoring of work practices
  • Identifying hazards & risks
  • Consulting with & involving staff
  • Investigation of all incidents
  • Implementation of preventative actions
  • Adherence to policy & procedures

At Capel Crane Hire, we are vigilant and focussed upon recognising at-risk behaviours. We encourage immediate action and the removal of these behaviours from our workplaces. For us, safety is a team effort, and we emphasise the responsibility of every team member to observe and maintain safe work practices.